What is a Female Dog Called (2023)

What is a Female Dog Called? - 1

A female dog is called a “bitch.” And no, that’s not a sexist term. It’s simply the anatomical name for a female canine.

What are Female Dogs called?

A lot of people think that all female dogs are called bitches, but this isn’t the case. The term “bitch” is used to describe a female dog who is not spayed or a female dog who is considered to be unwell-behaved.

So what do you call a female dog? Well, there are a few different terms that you can use. The most common one is “dam”, which is the term used by breeders. You can also use the term “queen”, which is often used by owners of show dogs. Alternatively, you can just call her a “girl” or a “lady”!


The word “bitch” is used to refer to a female dog in much the same way that “dog” is used to refer to a male of the species. It is not, yet, a particularly flattering term, and is generally considered to be quite offensive when used towards a human female. In addition to its use as a swear word or insult, “bitch” can also be employed as a noun, verb, or adjective.

Why they are called bitches

The term “bitch” is sometimes used to refer to female dogs, but it is a derogatory term that should not be used. The word “bitch” comes from the Old English word “bicce” which means “female dog.” It is believed that the term was first used to refer to female dogs in the 15th century.

Why do some people think the term is offensive

The term “bitch” is a common term used to describe a female dog, but it is also considered to be a very offensive way to describe a human female. There are a few theories about why this might be, but the most likely explanation is that it is simply seen as a way to demean and degrade women.

While there are certainly some people who use the term “bitch” as a way to hurt and offend others, there are also many people who use it simply because they do not know any better. It is important to remember that not everyone who uses this term intends to be offensive, and it is important to educate them on why the term is so hurtful.


There is no standard answer to this question, as the term “female dog” can refer to any adult female canine. In some cases, people may use the term to refer specifically to a spayed female dog. While in other cases it may be used more generally to refer to any adult female dog, regardless of whether she has been spayed.



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